i am interested in identifying the underlying dynamics of complex real-world systems. my research focuses on using machine learning to achieve this. currently i am a postdoctoral fellow in the epistasis lab at the institute for biomedical informatics at upenn. this group is dedicated to identifying the genetic causes of human disease from genome-wide association studies.

i collaborate with lots of researchers to better understand various processes, including the dynamics of wind turbines, the behavior of bald eagles that live near wind farms, wind and wave conditions at sea, and the dynamics of fluid-structure interaction, among others. i focus on developing concise models that can provide crucial insights to the people that work with these systems. here are some groups i work with

epistasis lab- my current research group
institute for bioinformatics at upenn
umass nsf wind igert program - nsf fellowship for offshore wind development
hampshire computational intelligence laboratory - research group i work with at hampshire college
nwtc - national wind technology center
gearbox reliability collaborative - nwtc project focused on improving gearbox reliability in wind turbines

most of the research methods i've developed are on my github page.

selected publications (bib)

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