A Pizza Relief

Note: we are no longer making pizzas :)

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Nellie and I are making ~50 pizzas for the next month to help raise money for COVID-19 relief and also to, well, eat good pizza during this strange time. All pizzas are getting made at lunch-time on weekdays.

How it works

Want to donate a pie to someone? Cool! Fill them in, or just say it’s anonymous and we’ll figure out who needs one.

Place your order through this order form.

Charities you’re supporting

All the money we collect will go to these charities to help with COVID-19 relief in Philadelphia:

If you want your money to go to a specific charity, just let us know when you order.

About the Pizza

Each pizza is around 14”, rarely a circle but close. I use an 84% hydrated dough to make pizza starting with a biga, a stiff starter. The dough is cold-fermented for 12-20 hours.


I cook them with a combination of pizza stone and broiler to get a charred finish. Generally I’m going for something between Neapolitan style and my dad/grandpa/grandma’s style.


The crust should be airy, crackly, and chewy. Not a new york slice.


Special thanks to Angelo Spagnolo who gave me my first biga and Jim Lahey’s pizza recipe, and to Ricardo Ortiz who convinced me to fold my dough.